5 Reasons You Need to Come to a Mahatma Rishikesh Yoga Retreat

You're ready to make a change in your life. You've heard about the beautiful transformation a yoga retreat can bring you mentally, physically and spiritually. You're ready to embark on a path to discover who you really are, what your next step is and nurture your energy to move forward. Yet with yoga being accessible in so many places in the world, where do we start? Options are overwhelming. There's only one true place though: Rishikesh India. The yoga meditation retreat capital of the world! Here's why your mind, body and soul will eternally thank you for immersing yourself in a Rishikesh Yoga Ashram in India.

Rishikesh India is The Home of Yoga

Be where it all began! Regardless of whether you're a complete beginner, or ready to take your yoga practice to the next level, there's no feeling quite like waking up in THE birthplace of yoga. If you're wondering how to start meditating and practicing yoga, you'll find your answers here. Deep within the lush green foothills of the magical Himalayas, it's very heartbeat flowing from the Mother Ganges; Rishikesh has a sacred energy one cannot help but feel in a Rishikesh ashram.

For thousands of years, Yogis have been connecting to Rishikesh's meditative and healing power; and word of this transformative haven has naturally spread. The Beatles couldn't help but venture here in the 60s, to discover their own spirituality and solitude through Rishikesh yoga. Since then, Rishikesh has firmly made its mark on the map of North India.

Deeply experienced teachers, many who were born and raised here, are continuing to share their teachings and skills with all who wish to venture into Rishikesh. Opening up yourself to a yoga retreat in India will allow you to gain mastery over your mind and emotions...and so much more.

You'll discover a haven amongst like-minded people

Seekers venturing to Rishikesh are highly likely going to be the people, you're aspiring to spend more time with in your life. A yoga ashram in Rishikesh is a caring, calm and collective environment, attracting yoga enthusiasts from all walks of life. What has brought you to this point will differ, but together, you are both on a journey to create a more harmonious balance and perception within yourselves.

Learning opportunities for everyone

Amongst the yoga and meditation retreats, Rishikesh is thriving with a wonderful array of drop-in classes that will undoubtedly catch your eye. The possibilities are endless, wonderfully varied and cater to all avenues of exploration.

Maybe you have always been curious about Reiki and its healing powers? Or you're interested in attending an Ayurvedic consultation - an approach to healing medicine, very much different from the West. Tarot, palm and astrological readings are aplenty, along with many inspiring talks and spaces for open discussion of spirituality daily.

You are on the same path

By coming to Rishikesh, you'll be surrounding yourself with people who are on the same path as you. This will motivate you to move forward with support, encouragement and focus.

Here in Rishikesh, you will be able to talk openly about your learning and experiences with your teacher and newfound friends: and they will be all ears. Everyone here is focusing on challenging themselves and becoming more aware; so we can have balance and truth in our lives.

Share your insights within the cafe culture

Rishikesh has many hip-and-happening cafes with plenty of cups of coffee and delicious desserts to choose from - amongst many healthy, vegetarian and energy-boosting meal choices of course! In-between classes, take a break and the opportunity to meet the locals and travellers outside your Rishikesh ashram accommodation. Share your stories and enjoy the view of the Ganges rushing past you as you progress in your yoga journey.

Yoga is so much more than Downward Dog

Day to day, our mind is constantly throbbing and racing with thoughts, and some of these thoughts are kinder than others. Our minds incessantly speak to us about our judgements, desires, hopes, dreams and fears. Turning up to your mat everyday to practice asanas (yoga poses) will benefit you greatly. You'll find strength, coordination, confidence and a thriving healthy well-being within yourself by practicing these positions.

Yet, there are actually 8 different parts to Yoga: learning how to do downward dog is just one piece of a big fulfilling puzzle towards a calmer and more balanced mind.

Yoga Training in Rishikesh is not just physical

Yoga will open up your eyes, perception, mind and heart to so much more through different practices. Attending an India retreat with your Indian yoga teacher will introduce you to many breathing, concentration, meditation and discipline techniques.

Learning about the yoga lifestyle in a spiritual haven amongst Mother Nature, with the encouragement of your peers and experienced teacher, will allow you to excel in your own practice. You will be living, breathing and practicing yoga throughout the day in an environment which IS yoga.

Immerse yourself in an environment which lives and breathes yoga

Far better than being in the city, on the floor of a gym, with a group of students who may purely be focusing on the physical aspects of yoga. There is so much more to being enlightened: you'll quickly learn that whether your heels can touch the mat on downward dog or not, need not be a concern.

Escape stress in Rishikesh to return stronger

Rishikesh is naturally restorative, loving and rejuvenating. In such a fast-paced world we find ourselves living in today, full of endless demanding tasks and responsibilities, life can quickly become overwhelming.

Enter a space where you can relax and think

Transporting yourself to Rishikesh will allow you to take the time out you need to pause and reflect. Those questions you have been asking yourself about who you are, what you need and where you want to go, will be more easily answered here.

Allow nature to restore you

Mother Nature is blossoming, blooming and unashamedly thriving here. Its powerful healing energy is simply undeniable. Many locals and travellers come to Rishikesh to experience Mother Ganges' healing properties. As she ebbs and flows through the hills of Rishikesh, her energy will also flow through you. Take the time to enjoy her vibrations and all of the other nature around you.

In Rishikesh, you will find cheeky monkeys, dozing dogs, bright-eyed birds and India's most treasured animal, our cows! Rishikesh town is also surrounded by some wonderful hiking trails and hilltop temples, perfecting for trekking to, so you can look down on Rishikesh and admire her entirety. If you really want the wind in your hair, rafting and bungee jumping is here if you so wish!

Take time out here in Rishikesh, so that once you move onto your next chapter, you are stronger and calmer: yoga has got your back.

Guaranteed expert yoga tuition and care

Are you looking for the best ashram in Rishikesh? Here at Mahatma Yoga Ashram, we care deeply about your yoga journey. We want to provide you with the time and space to learn about and restore yourself through yoga. We warmly welcome you to spend time with us at our special retreat along the Mother Ganges. Our rooms have invigorating views of the Ganges. Our fresh Ayurvedic food is lovingly cooked and prepared for you on site. And our yoga retreat schedule will allow you to discover and practice yoga at just the right pace.

Meet Yogi Ji

Established in 2008 by Yogi Ji, Mahatma Yoga Ashram is a home away from home. Guests from all walks of life return to us yearly, for more knowledge, to re-adjust their life goals and to rest and rejuvenate.

Yogi Ji has been educated and guided by yogis and scholars from the age of 12. He is a scholar of Hatha, Ashtanga and Kriya yoga and teaches both philosophical and theoretical aspects of these fields. Besides being a yoga and meditation teacher, he is also a Reiki master. We warmly welcome you to be inspired and learn from him!

This is the start of your Rishikesh Yoga Ashram experience!

We believe in helping you bring happiness and transformation to your life through self-love, reflection, acceptance, confidence and improvement. Allow yourself the freedom to unfold this new chapter in your life and be yourself at Mahatma Yoga Ashram.

Come alone, bring a friend or your family. Be ready to become a lifetime yogi/yogini!