Spiritual Yoga & Trekking Tours In India Himalaya

Spiritual Yoga & Trekking Tour in India – trekking expedition in the mystical Himalayas,
yoga and meditation retreat in abloom nature and cultural exchange!

Our Spiritual Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Himalaya - India are for the seekers who want to experience both yogic lifestyle and spirituality at the same time. This two week yoga retreat is a great opportunity for someone who wants to experience yoga ashram lifestyle and also enjoy expedition, trekking and camping. Located deep within the lush green foothills of the magical mountains our beautiful Mahatma Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh will be your home for the first week of the yoga retreat where one can practice yoga asana along with meditation and pranayama to prepare yourself for the upcoming deep spiritual experience on the second week of the yoga retreat, a special spiritual journey through the Himalayas at the source of Ganges(Gomukh) while trekking, hiking, camping and meditating with the strong energies of the Himalayan mountains.

Where the Spirituality Meets Cultural Immersion

The purpose of our Spiritual Yoga Retreats in Himalaya-India is to take you on magical journeys through the birthplace of yoga, let you enjoy India’s rich culture and beautiful nature while learning about its history and ancient wisdom. You will be given a special opportunity to experience some of India’s most spiritual sites through the eyes of a philosopher and yoga master Yogi Ji. Born in the North Indian Himalaya, devoted to spiritual life from his early youth, he has a strong connection to Nature.

Following in the footsteps of ancient yogis he leads us on a journey through the Himalayas’ sacred landscapes to find the Source of Life, using mythology, philosophy and most importantly spirituality to find the source within. We will walk the paths where for centuries hundreds of thousands of seekers have walked and meditated on the quest to find the meaning of life. We hope to soak in some of their powerful energy to transform our lives and move closer to self-awareness and clarity of mind. Take a much-needed break and allow yourself a beautiful transformation with our Spiritual Yoga Retreat in the North Indian Himalayas!

Yoga Retreat and Trekking to the Source of Ganges

22 April 2019 - 05 May 2019

16 Sep 2019 - 29 Sep 2019

Region: Uttarakhand, India
Start/End: Rishikesh
Duration: 13 nights/14 days
Altitude: 12,083 ft/3683 m

Yoga and Trekking to the world Highest Shiva Temple

07 April 2019 – 13 April 2019

19 May 2019 – 25 May 2019

Region: Uttarakhand, India
Start/End: Rishikesh
Duration: 6 nights/7 days
Altitude: 12083 ft/3683 m

Spiritual Yoga trekking to the Source of Ganges

28 April 2019 – 05 May 2019

22 Sep 2019 – 29 Sep 2019

Region: Uttarakhand, India
Start/End: Rishikesh
Duration: 6 nights/7 days
Altitude: 12760 ft/3890 m