Spiritual Yoga & Trekking Tours In India Himalaya

Spiritual Yoga & Trekking Tour in India – trekking expedition in the mystical Himalayas,
yoga and meditation retreat in abloom nature and cultural exchange!

Mahatma Yoga’s Spiritual Yoga and Trekking Tour in India is for you who want to experience Himalayan trekking, learn yoga in the vivid nature and visit some of the holiest sites in Northern India. It is hard to imagine more blissful atmosphere for yoga and meditation retreat then the pure nature of the Indian Himalayas. We are currently organizing tours to The Source of the Ganges: Gangotri & Gaumukh trek and to Chopta: Chandrashila trek. On our yoga & trekking tour you will spend a week in the sacred mountains – in the mystical Himalayas.

During the week you learn by the program of a yoga retreat - practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation, visit sacred Hindu temples and have the possibility to practice true yogic lifestyle in the most blissful surroundings imaginable. Lush green valleys, peaceful energies of white Himalayan mountaintops, rich fauna and flora will accompany us on the gorgeous spiritual mountain treks in India organized by Mahatma Yoga. All our tours start from Mahatma Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India.

In the search of The Origins of The Yoga

Most of the yoga travellers come to India in search of the truly authentic Yoga experience; not only in the physical form of Asanas, but also in the wisdom of Yoga philosophy that opens the way to the true yogic lifestyle. Mahatma Yoga has one of the best yoga centres in Rishikesh, India and long experience in teaching Yoga , Ayurveda and Reiki . By wishing to offer our students the best, we have organised a truly spiritual yoga and trekking holiday in the Himalayan Mountains – in the land of Yogis! You will experience the best of yoga in the most beautiful surroundings. We are taking our Rishikesh Yoga School’s long teaching experience with us to the wild nature and offer you quality yoga teaching in the midst of Mighty Himalayas, in the authentic surroundings of a true yoga practice.

Your morning will start with energizing pranayama practice and yoga class, followed by mountain trekking in the daytime and peaceful evening meditation. Our yoga philosophy lectures are beautifully tuned into the atmosphere – we will have living discussions of Yoga Philosophy around the campfire. Our Spiritual Yoga & Trekking Tourss are suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners; it can be a truly powerful start in yoga for someone never practiced yoga before as well as a deeper dive into yoga to an already experienced yogi/yogini.

Historical spirituality amongst Mother Nature

Spiritual Yoga Retreats

India’s rich culture and ancient spiritual history is truly worth of discovering. Mahatma Yoga’s Spiritual Yoga & Trekking Tour will bring you to some of the most beautiful ancient heritage of Northern India. We visit little mountain temples like world highest Shiva temple on Chandrachila trek and holy mountain towns like Gangotri - a little Himalayan town dedicated to Goddess Ganga with its beautiful Goddess temple on The Source of the Ganges trek. To visit the hidden spiritual pearls of the sacred mountains is truly uplifting spiritual experience as well as witnessing the rich high - mountain fauna and flora. We trek amongst blooming mountain flowers like rhododendrons on Chandrashila trek, the Himalayan Tahr (ungulate wild goat) and some rare and beautiful birds of Great Himalayas. The trekking experience in the purifying Himalayan nature will make you feel totally relaxed and refreshed!

We practice walking meditation and perform puja – the ceremony of worship – at the very Source of the Ganges. The magical mountains where the pristine nature meets ancient pilgrims and yogis meditative energies will give us a special opportunity for spiritual growth and self-realization.


Enjoy your perfect yoga holiday with trekking in the Mighty Himalayas! Our Tours packages are all inclusive. From the moment you arrive in Rishikesh in Mother India we at Mahatma Yoga will take care of everything for you! The transportation, accommodation, food, trekking permits, spiritual guide and yoga lessons is all organised for you!

  All inclusive Tour starting from Rishikesh, India
  Private transportation throughout the Tour
  Himalayan trekking with expert trek leader/spiritual guide
  Yoga retreat program: Yoga, pranayama & mediation
  Yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced level
  Nice & clean accommodation
  Camping experience (on some of the treks)
   Tasty vegetarian meals 3 times daily
   Spirituality and little mountain temples
   Indian culture and tradition
  Group of travellers from all over the world
  Max group of 15 persons

The Source Of The Ganges Tour

Yoga School Mahatma Yoga

Gangotri and Gomukh trek
Region: Uttarakhand
Duration: 8 nights/9 days
Altitude: 12760 ft/3890 m
Grade: Moderate to Challenging

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Yoga School Mahatma Yoga Rishikesh

Chopta & Chandrashila trek to the World Highest Shiva Temple
Region: Uttarakhand
Duration: 6 nights/7 days
Altitude: 12083/3683 m
Grade: Moderate

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