Our Yoga Teachers

Yogendra singh Negi (Yogi ji)

Born in the North Indian Himalaya in an spiritual family environment and initiated to the path of yoga and meditation in early childhood, Yogendra Singh Negi had a greater impact of nature and natural vibrations. Educated and guided by yogis and scholars from his age of 12, Mr. Negi gained Masters in Commerce, diploma in Software Engineering and diploma in Yogic Science and Naturopathy before doing doctorate in Naturopathy. He is a scholar of Hatha, Astanga and Kriya yoga and teaches both philosophical and theoretical aspects of these fields of yogic science. Besides being yoga and meditation teacher, he is the Reiki master of Mahatma Yoga Ashram. Students know him as Yogi Ji and highly appreciate his inspiring humours..

Matt an ERYT-500

Matt an ERYT-500 yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. He has travelled the United States and India over the past ten years, learning from master instructors and teaching to students. His studies have taken him on multiple trips across India to learn about the art of balanced living. His teachings include various components of yoga, including: breathing, philosophy, anatomy, body awareness, strength training, injury prevention, meditation and focus. As a wellness professional he guides clients to emphasize balance while working towards their goals. As a yoga teacher he works to create an experience for students that is light and empowering. He teaches the process of progressing into advanced postures by demonstrating accessible steps in a style that adapts to students on an individual basis. Matt encourages students to see beyond comparisons with others and see the yoga practice as a journey into a deeper understanding of the self.


Rezan is a devoted Yogi and teacher who imparts his wonderful passion for life and well-being in his teaching. His style pulls from multiple yogic disciplines, and is both intuitive and steeped in the traditional aspects of yoga. His classes focus on breath, alignment and the interconnection be-tween mind, body and spirit, allowing students to work at their own pace in a safe and transformational environment.

Rezan views the science and spirituality of Yoga as a path to explore our inner selves and elevate our consciousness, while creating a counter-balance to the stresses of modern life.

He is certified in the Traditional Himalayan Hatha Yoga, Lu Jong - Tibet-an Healing Yoga, Yin yoga and a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Al-liance (USA).

Rezan’s mission in life is to inspire, elevate and educate as many people as possible, to encourage all to live to their fullest, most creative and most joyful potential!

Truike-Boekhold-Daly Geertruike Boekholt-Daly

Geertruike Boekholt-Daly who teaches Hatha Yoga, is ERYT 200 registered with Yoga Alliance USA. A gentle yoga practitioner, Geertruike enjoys yoga and meditation and believes it as a source of inspiration in people’s lives. She is the founder of Children of the Ganges, a school established for underprivileged children in her own initiation.