Yoga Retreats in India

Affordable Yoga Reatreats in India, designied for beginners and intermidiate level yoga practioners, at Mahatma Yoga Ashram located on the bank of holy river Ganges in Rishikesh. We have merged yoga cources for beginners and yoga retreats into one program which runs throught the year. Arival and departure both will take place on sunday.

Spiritual Yoga Retreats In Himalaya

Yoga Retreat and Trekking to The Source Of Holy Ganges- (Gomukh)
22 April 2019 – 05 May 2019 :: $ 1200 USD
16 Sep 2019 - 29 Sep 2019 :: $ 1200 USD

Yoga and Trekking To The World Highest Shiva Temple- (Tungnath)
07 April 2019 – 13 April 2019 :: $ 599 USD
19 May 2019 – 25 May 2019 :: $ 599 USD

Spiritual Yoga Trekking to The Source Of Holy Ganges- (Gomukh)
28 April 2019 – 05 May 2019 :: $ 850 USD
22 Sep 2019 – 29 Sep 2019 :: $ 850 USD

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You can join us for 200, 300 and 500-hour yoga teacher training course – Yoga Alliance USA certification courses in India – RYT 200 and RYT 500. This is an opportunity to learn yoga to the extent you become able to teach it to others in a peaceful yogic environment in Rishikesh, the land where yoga originated. Here begins your journey towards becoming a professional yoga instructor and teach yoga anywhere in the world.

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You've made an excellent decision in coming to Rishikesh, India for your yoga retreat. Rishikesh is the home of yoga! Mother Nature is the heartbeat and very soul of our spiritual city! And you will find supportive and understanding friends here to share your thoughts, feelings, and transformation with. Along with the highest expert tuition and care, and an atmosphere and community which allows you the breathing space you need. Rishikesh ashram is the place to be.

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Spiritual Yoga & Trekking Tours in India

Our Spiritual Yoga and Meditation Retreats are for those who like to combine Yoga Retreat in India with a deeper spiritual experience. Located deep within the lush green foothills of the magical mountains, our beautiful Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh will be your home for the first week of the retreat. A week of yoga practice allows you to become more centered and prepare yourself for the upcoming deep spiritual experience on the second week of the Yoga Retreat - a special Spiritual Journey through the Himalayas.

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Yoga Courses for Beginners in India

The two week beginner course is a gateway to understand the course structure of professional yoga teacher training of 200 hour TTC course which we conduct with affiliation of Yoga Alliance®‎. This two week journey will acknowledge the practitioner with an introduction of asana, pranayama, meditation, cleansing ,yogic philosophy and various parameter required to be a certified yoga teacher.

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Ayurveda and Panchakarma Retreats

Ayurveda the ancient Vedic science which defines balancing of bodily system with right diet, herbal treatment and yogic breathing. The healing method is based on harmonizing the body and the mind by restoring the balance of the TRIDOSHAS or three elements - VATA, PITA and KAPHA (Air, Fire & Water) - of which the body is made of.

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Reiki Course and Healing

Reiki the natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that balances the energies in the body. This powerful method that promotes natural self-healing relieves pain and clears toxins in the body. It balances organs and glands and strengthens the immune system. Reiki course and Reiki healing at Mahatma Yoga.

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An ancient system of Indian medicine which is based on the secret healing of Mother Nature Panchabhutta, The five great elements of the nature i.e. Mud, Air, Water, Sun and Ether. This system leads us to the natural way of life style management to remain healthy and to treat the diseases through natural resources. According to this Natural science Food is the Medicine so there is a great vital role of food in the treatment of Naturopathy.

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Customer Testimonails

I had a one week stay and I would have stayed more. Yogi Ji and the team are amazing and the classes of yoga, chanting, meditation and lecture that we had there plus the trekking and rafting made it a time to always remember. I can not speak highly enough of what the week meant for me and how peaceful it made me feel being there. Just go with an open heart and the rest will follow!

Andreea Vasile Bucharest, Romania
Customer Testimonails

I was very hesitant about whether I was going to find the right yoga ashram when I arrived in Rishikesh. I researched considerably online and always saw this place across the river from my hostel at the time (BunkStay). I took a wander down along the river to Yogi Ji's Ashram and checked it out.

aliceteacake Herne Bay, United Kingdom
Customer Testimonails

The location is excellent, very close to Ganga river, there is a beach right in front of the ashram, but you can also find some very nice secluded beaches within 10 minutes walking distance. The Ganga is extremely clean in the area, but the water cold :) Right in front of the ashram there is a very small island in the middle of the river (just a patch of sand) and we did some meditation there, in the evening - it was overwhelming, very quiet, we could only hear some birds and frogs :) and when it got dark the moonlight was magical...

Alina G Bucharest, Romania