Wow! What an incredible 2 weeks!

Mahatma Yoga Ashram is a really beautiful place to call home. Whether you’re staying for a week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months I guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay here. Learning about all of the different elements of yoga and practicing twice a day will make you feel incredible inside and out. Yogi Ji is the best teacher! He’s patient and helpful throughout the retreat and his laugh is too good! Prepare yourself for a good chuckle session because it’s inevitable with such a friendly teacher. The rest of the staff; Mohan, Rawat, Parveen, Perveys, Suroge and Suhi always greet you with a smile and they’ll go above + beyond to ensure you feel comfortable. My favourite moments have been the looks us beginners give each other after Yogi Ji demonstrates a move and then says “your turn”, doing pranayama outside, hearing about Sasha’s experience doing Vipassana (10 days of silence) and meeting a group of people who are all so open-minded, curious and eager to learn. Oh! And the massages.

Enjoy your stay! You’re in very good hands.
P.S. Peace, the dog is friendly and harmless. She loves to sit with Yogi Ji and doesn’t mind being fed dinner ☺
Love &t hank-you!

There are few words that can describe our time here at Mahatma Yoga Ashram. The people we met, the simplicity of our days, and Yogi Ji are amazing. Some of my favourite parts of my time here were perfecting our hand stands, feeding Peace the dog at dinner time, watching the sunrise and hiking down the waterfall, laughing with Yogi Ji, hearing about Sasha’s eleven days of silent meditation, visiting our friends at our favourite clothing shop up the hill, David getting mugged by a Pizza-stealing monkey, walking through the Beatles Ashram with a Samsung-Galaxy-holding Monk, playing cards in the living room, and meditating and reading at the end of the Ashram under a overhang. This week has been life changing and has been a wonderful start to my adventure. Thank you Yogi Ji and staff, you are all so special.

Love always, (I’ll be back soon!)
Rilee Eidsmoe

Wow what an experience. I truly didn’t know what to expect but what I have experienced has gone way beyond any expectations! After travelling for 3 weeks I was ready to set down some roots for 2 week and everyone here has helped me to do that. My yoga practise has come on so much with Matt + Yogi Ji’s help. I feel ready to carry on with my practice when I get back home. The atmosphere here is very conducive to setting my mind and preparing for the future. The food has been amazing and spending time with Peace has been lovely. This is not the end but the beginning of the next beautiful adventure. Thank you for letting me share this wonderful place with you all.
Beccy x

This is for the people
Who find it difficult to leave
Whether it is to leave a person or a place

This is for the people like me
Who build homes out of everything we touch
Every inch of skin
Every strangers hug

This is for the people
Who wear their heart on their sleeves
And on their lips
For those who carry it in the palm of their hands
This is for the girl or boy with a hundred strings
tied to them, tugging them in every direction, except forward

This is for you
This is for me
We are nomads who find homes that temporarily
house our hearts
We are travellers that never leave our home town

My stay at Mahatma Yoga has been beyond amazing. There is so much to learn from the yoga, meditation, chanting and Yogi. It’s a great place to reflect and grow stronger both physically + mentally. Make sure you have a pen and paper when Yogi is around because he is always talking about something important. The food is fantastic and so are all the guys! Everyday you learn something new about yourself. Everyone who you meet at the retreat becomes your own family. A part of me will always be here.

Siri Beckmen
Oh and Peace is the best dog ever!

Beyond memorable. To be able to come to a new place & feel right at home from the start is something very special. I learn from human connections, asking questions, feeling free to be inquisitive & open, having a peaceful, welcoming place to do that – this is Mahtama. I came here to grow & learn in my practices & learn more about what is beyond my current understanding. Yogi Ji was so good to offer new postures, instruct new breathing techniques & take the time to explain new perspectives & answer my many questions to deepen my understanding. I enjoyed visiting with him so much. This place allowed me to slow down my body, slow down my mind & take time to appreciate – for that I will always be grateful. It will be difficult for me to express all my gratitude to everyone here – I hope they know how much it filled my heart. It brought tears of joy more than once & those memories & moments will forever stay with me. All of you will hold a space in my heart.

P.S. Don’t forget to rain dance. Ganga showers that gift upon us ☺

Our two weeks at Mahatma are coming to an end, already. We had been looking forward to this 2-week break from our busy western lives for months. In this peaceful haven bathed by Ganga’s gushing sound, we found time to just be, to feel time and to nurture our body and soul. The beautiful people residing here made the sense oneness so very real. Conversations may they be trivial or deep, warmed our hearts. Our time here is up and we can go home feeling so calm, serene and filled with love and peace. Thank you Jade for our engagement ceremony in the Ganga; thank you Yogi Ji for the alehsation cake and the lectures; thank you Matt for challenging our bodies; thank you Krishna for your bright soul and thank you all staff for your friendliness, your discreet and impeccable service. We love you all.
Anne-Laure& Antoine

I’ve been at Mahatma Yoga now for nearly 2 weeks and tomorrow is my last day. I can’t express with words how grateful I feel that I had the opportunity to be here and how grateful I am to all the great people who make this place so special. I’ve found a peace, beauty in calmness, beauty in practice and wisdom in yoga that was before hidden. This place helped me open up my mind and see that there is so much more to discover with a calm mind and beautiful soul. I believe this is not my last time here, but better this is a beginning of a journey. Thank you again for creating such a beautiful place. Thanks to all of you!!


Today I leave the Ashram, it was a very special 5 days, first because this place was the gateway to my experience in India, it is the first place of the agenda of a long journey that comes in my life for following months. Many thanks to all the staff for their goodwill and attention, the cooks, the food was very nice!! And especially to Yogi Ji and Matt for their tremendous dedication and for all their delivery. It was magical to be able to do this retreat in an environment recharged by such a great environment with Ganges and Himalayas.
I am a solo traveller but here I found family along with my retreat mats.
I feel lucky and I am very grateful for this beautiful experience.
A big hug and see you soon!
Dominique Teillery Ottice
Rishikesh, 26th May, 2017