Andreea V

Bucharest, Romania

I had a one week stay and I would have stayed more. Yogi Ji and the team are amazing and the classes of yoga, chanting, meditation and lecture that we had there plus the trekking and rafting made it a time to always remember. I can not speak highly enough of what the week meant for me and how peaceful it made me feel being there. Just go with an open heart and the rest will follow!

John Doe
John Doe

Erica Cannon Lives

Philipsburg , Netherlands Antilles

While doing a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, a friend and I came across Mahatma Yoga Foundation's Reiki course. We received our attunements in Reiki I and II. It was an amazing experience due in large part to our amazing teacher and guide, Yogiji.

Here are the highlights: Yogiji, put together a Reiki course just for the two of us. He met our schedule and gave us so much individual attention. He took us through a very deliberate, well thought out process, answering all of our questions and providing us with clear materials for use during and after the course. His approach was honest and direct. He encouraged us to work together as we moved through our course and to branch out and work on others. I've found that most of energy work is about not just connection but confidence. Because Yogiji was so hands on and practical, we both completed our 1st and 2nd level attunements with the connection and confidence to really build a Reiki practice. Yogiji even took time to help me with my yoga and coaching practice in some of our wonderful chats. I highly recommend the course and the teacher.

Alyssia bright


I recently spent 3.5 weeks staying in this Ashram for a yoga retreat and I loved every second of it. It is set back away from everything, with a quiet beach and the ganges right out back! 5 minute walk to town if you need anything. The private rooms were very comfortable. The food was absolutely AMAZING!!! Yogi and Matt are wonderful teachers and I learned so much during my time there. If it weren't for my expiring visa I would more than likely still be there :) I highly recommend this retreat for anyone, whether you are new to yoga or experienced- they find a way to make it work for everyone! This is the one place I have traveled that truly feels like and became my second home. The schedule was set up great, leaving us free time in the afternoon to explore the city if we wanted. One free massage a week, given right in the ashram. I also did a group rafting trip in the Ganges and saw the sunrise from the top of a mountain on a group trekking trip which was included with the retreat and organized by the staff. Yogi is an amazing spiritual teacher, he has so much wisdom to offer anyone who comes to Mahatma. I look forward to my next visit to Mahatma Yoga Ashram!

John Doe
John Doe

Pam Ly

San Diego, California

My India experience was excellent, from the taxi service to the yoga retreat at Mahatma Yoga Ashram. My two weeks stay at Mahatma Yoga was a personally fulfilling and enlightening experience. I enjoyed every aspect of the program, from the home-cooked vegetarian meals to deep conversations on yoga philosophy to various meditation and yoga asana practices. It's also a huge bonus that Mahatma Yoga Ashram sits on top of the Ganges River bank - the sound of the gushing water in the mornings was breathtakingly refreshing. Yet the thing I missed most about my experience is the wonderful students and teachers who became my friends. Mahatma Yoga Ashram is the ideal place for a yoga retreat - very magnetic!

Larissa Noah


I wanted to further my yoga practice and understand more about it so i booked my trip to India from Canada with one of my closest friends. So in December 2013 i took my open heart and open mind, did a 2 weeks yoga retreat at mahatma yoga Ashram, and let me tell you it was one of the best experiences of my life, if not the best. The ashram is located right by the ganges, you wake up to a beautiful view of the river and the himalayas. The food was absolutely phenomenal. Which is something i sure did not expect. Everyday we were served delicious vegetarian dishes. The ashram proved that eating vegetarian does not have to be boring! Also, the people that we met there wee absolutely phenomenal people. i can honestly say i found the perfect strangers which i proudly call friends now at mahatma yoga ashram because it is a place filled with peace and enjoyment. Needless to say my practice deepened, i learned a lot about the philosophy of yoga and my Asana practice imporved as well. One thing i do want to mention aslo is that even if you have never practiced yoga or are not really interested in it, mahatma yoga ashram is still a fantastic place to get away and experience the best parts of india and what it has to offer. It was very affordable and the activities we did included trekking the himalayas to watch the sunrise and river rafting down the river. One Ayurvedic massage a week was also offered. Last but certainly not least, i have made a good friend out of Yogi J. There is no better person suited to help facilitate such an amazing experience. 5 stars! highly recommend it.

John Doe
John Doe

Regina Kazlauskaite

London, United Kingdom

I came to Mahatma Yoga Foundation to do a yoga teacher training in September , 2012 and was pleasantly surprised to find this amazing ashram in the surroundings of Himalayas on the holy river Ganga. It was breathtaking to wake up every morning to the view of the mountains. It was a surreal experience to stay there for a month and to absorb the beauty and peace of this place. I am very grateful to have met the Yogi Ji. I enjoyed all his teachings and was blown away by his powers in Reiki. What an amazing feeling! My stay at the ashram was filled with new experiences every single day. From yoga to delicious food and to meeting so many people from all over the world. I miss everyone there and hope to see them all again! Regina


from Germany

This particular retreat leads into the Himalayan mountains along the Ganges river up to the Gangotri-Gomukh trek where the source of the Ganges is reached by foot. The trek is known among spiritual travellers and pilgrims. What made this retreat special was the special guidance and attention received as well as the gems that can be found along the way. Yogi Ji guided the trip. It is obvious he has a profound interest and knowledge of Indian culture, history and current affairs. His concern and affection for the country can be sensed and he enjoys sharing his thoughts along the way.  As Yogi Ji as a guide was truly enjoying himself on this trek, the fascination and understanding of India was transmitted and made it an authentic and unique experience. Also, he made sure everyone felt comfortable and got his needs met. Gems along the way were visits to the mountain village of Dharali and at Lake Tehri. The first proved another picturesque hike before the Gangotri-Gomukh trek. The latter was an opportunity for a glimpse into the life of the mountain people and a cultural exchange that is most likely not part of similar programs. That alone made it a worthwhile experience. After all, this was an outstanding journey with diverse nature, culture and events. Highly recommended! Review from TripAdvisor, reviewed on 28 th of September.2018

John Doe