Dear friends around the world, I want to share with you that I had the most wonderful retreat in Mahatma Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. I stayed there for a month that passed so quickly :-) and delightfully. Mahatma Yoga Ashram is a magical place, relaxing and joyful. The Ashram is located in a most exciting spot on the Ganga river. One can sit on the veranda and see blue skies, green mountains and the blue-green Ganga river – such a picturesque view that opens ones heart, just in front of you. The ashram is full with exciting activities - spiritual & physical – There are yoga classes twice a day with the most wonderful professional teachers. Waking up with chanting, meditation etc. Every day there is a lecture, on - Stages in Yoga, how to absorb the simplicity of life & the present, teaching to value yourself, on Meditation etc. The day ends with Meditation on the Ganga river, Puja prayers and rituals to honor Krishna, or peaceful talks in meditation room on self-awareness, self-realization and more. The food is full board healthy vegetarian, cooked with love by the Ashram's cook. Most delightful is meeting people in the Ashram from around the world. One creates easily, in very short time, lovely and close friendships. That's what I call the magical touch of that unique place. And last, but not list, thank you Yogi-Ji for creating Mahatma Yoga Ashram. A special place that cures body and soul, assimilates peacefulness and nirvana and important teachings to go back to real life. As an artist, I find the Ashram inspiring, a very good place to create, relax and enjoy. Hope to come back very soon, Love,

Norah Tel Aviv, Israel
Seattle, Washington

I had the best time here and plan to go back next year. The ashram is very relaxed, as its located a little walk away from the busy Lakshman Jhula bridge, so perfect for a bit of quiet time and amazing views of the Ganga. It felt like a grown up place, as you were expected to be responsible for yourself, which is for me all tied into the philosophy of yoga itself! The staff are always smiling and happy to help. Yogi Ji led the morning classes and was so thorough in his explanations and demonstrations. He adjusted each student, so it felt very much that he was giving each individual student his time and attention. I so loved his class and don't think my shoulders have ever been so open! Thank you Yogi JI!! Our afternoon class was led by Matt, who was relaxed and fun, a great teacher. We liberated ourselves with chanting each morning - which was delicious! and led by the great Arjuna. We also did pranayamas, purification and had meditation and philosophy class. And you can't help but fall in love with Peace, the ashram dog and protector! I learnt so much good stuff from my time there. I thoroughly recommend it, and also Rishikesh too. It's freedom for your senses!! If you want to deepen your yoga practice and maybe try to lead a yogic life, you should start here. Sending lots of love to the Mahatma Yoga Ashram team xxx

Seattle, Washington America.
Pam Ly

“Mahatma Yoga Ashram is the ideal place for a yoga retreat - very magnetic!” My India experience was excellent, from the taxi service to the yoga retreat at Mahatma Yoga Ashram. My two weeks stay at Mahatma Yoga was a personally fulfilling and enlightening experience. I enjoyed every aspect of the program, from the home-cooked vegetarian meals to deep conversations on yoga philosophy to various meditation and yoga asana practices. It's also a huge bonus that Mahatma Yoga Ashram sits on top of the Ganges River bank - the sound of the gushing water in the mornings was breathtakingly refreshing. Yet the thing I missed most about my experience is the wonderful students and teachers who became my friends. Mahatma Yoga Ashram is the ideal place for a yoga retreat - very magnetic!

Pam LySan Diego, California
Lindsay Gorang

Spending a week practicing yoga and meditation at Mahatma was a gentle, ideal way for my husband and I to ease into our Northern India travels. We walked five minutes into town to experience the culture for a few hours each day between our yoga/meditation sessions. The retreat was located right on a pristine part of the Ganges river, surrounded by mountains, tucked away from the town. It's a beautiful, peaceful setting. The yoga and meditation instruction were excellent. Matt is the best yoga instructor I've ever had, and I made good progress in meditation thanks to Yogi Ji. I'm a beginner in meditation and Yogi Ji patiently guided me and gave me helpful insights on how to approach meditation. Mahatma feels like a warm community. The staff at Mahatma are great, the food was tasty, and we wish we'd had time to stay another week or more. Each week of yoga included one massage and an excursion of either rafting or trekking. The massage was very good. The white water rafting on the Ganges was super fun, plenty of big rapids but no dangerous rocks whatsoever. We heard great things about the trekking option as well. I loved my stay at Mahatma and really hope to have an opportunity to return for a 2+ week stay. Thank you to Yogi Ji, Matt, and the rest of the Mahatma team for a very special experience!

Lindsay Gorang Seattle, Washington America.